Sunshine Coast Professional Makeup Artist

Makeup Lessons

“Makeup should always be fun, during my makeup lessons and I always encourage my clients to mix it up and learn new tips and tricks on how to do their makeup.”

Jenna has a strong passion for educating and helping her clients to achieve their desired makeup looks. In your lesson you will spend two hours one on one with Jenna to perfect your desired makeup looks and receive 2 eye shadows and a brush for you to keep.

“Sometimes the simplest things help people, even the way they may be holding the brush. Everyone wants to learn something different and my biggest reward in doing lessons is knowing that I have helped someone in being able to achieve something they have been trying to perfect for what could have been years.”

If you want to learn the newest trends in makeup or how to perfect your favorite look, Jenna is definitely the makeup artist you need to see in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast.

“I spent 6 years coaching and developing makeup artists and clients on every type of makeup skill/technique you can think of. You can literally see the excitement on someone’s face when they get that skill or technique right, its great.” Book your lesson now

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